Valve Refacing

Comec RV 516 - Precision Valve Refacer

On this machine, valves are not centerlined by any collet, but by means driving rollers; the same system used on centeriess grinding. One rest supports the stem of the valve maintaining it exactly in position.

Through an automatic device it is possible to insert and to remove the valve form the rest and driving rollers with no need to switch off the machine, so reducing the machining time.

By a setting micrometric device can be obtained the dressing of the wheel, and the grinding of the head of the valve.

Variable valve speed device (VGV516) to adjust surface speed for different diameter valves for best surface finish for a wide range of valve head diameter.
Technical Characteristics  
Diameter of valve stem 5-16 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 215 mm
Grinding wheel speed 2800 RPM
Installed horsepower 1 HP
Height 700 mm
Width 600 mm
Length 700 mm
Weight 150 kg